Advanced Batch script tricks

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Writing out all the directories (or other set) to an external file. One line, comma separated (useful for creating simple CSV files)

for /d %%I in (*) do (
  echo.|set /p ="%%I,"
) >> directories.txt

Testing in command lane:

c:\>for /d %I in (*) do (echo.|set /p ="%I,") >>directories.txt

c:\>type directories.txt
Ant,dev,drvrtmp,Intel,PerfLogs,Program Files,Program Files (x86),Python25,Python26,Python31,svn,Users,Windows,

How to store an Environment variable which contains undefined env.variables for later use.

c:\>set format="Name:%name% Date:%birthday%"

Using in batch file, need double %%

set format="Name:%%name%% Date:%%birthday%%"

Now format contains only a “template”

c:\>echo %format%
"Name:%name% Date:%birthday%"

Later in your program you can set the missing environment variables

c:\>set name=Botond
c:\>set birthday=2010.05.01

and then, using format as a template, you can make the final record:

c:\>for /f "delims=" %I in ('echo %format%') do (set record=%I)

or using it in a Batch script:

for /f "delims=" %%I in ('echo "%format%"') do (set record=%%I)

Now the variable record contains the final result:

c:\>echo %record%
"Name:Botond Date:2010.05.01"