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I’ve made some prototypes in flash. There are some random link with images:

Some prototypes in C++,  only screenshots:

wonderfl build flash online

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The wonderfl build flash online contains an online AS3 editor and a compiler with a lot of library already installed like Sandy 3D, Papervision, Box2D, QuickBox2D, Google Maps API for Flash and so on. As you type in, the compiler recompile the code and displays the flash content if compile was success.


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I found EVALDRAW which is a little programming environment mostly for fast prototyping. It includes a built-in compiler and text editor. You can easily put graphs on the screen: just type in the expression. “With Evaldraw, you can make graphs in any dimension (1D, 2D, 3D), animations, custom musical instruments, voxel models, and general purpose applications”. It also contains a text to speech generator.
I have some nostalgic feelings about this. Like in the times of BASIC, when you type in a command or a program, press run and you instantly see what you created.

General-purpose programmingGenerate 3D voxel modelsDesign instruments and test them on the piano.Multiplayer 3D games are possible too!Starting screenA grid of circlesIt's a cylinder.Choose your own texture