Easter Quest

Easter Quest

Easter Quest written in glBasic. You control the white rabbit in its way collecting coins.


This is a demo. You can play 5 level. Written for the glBasic.de competition. Finished in 8th place (shared).

Win32, WinCE and GP2X binary included.

After you enabled the EDITOR from the MAIN MENU, then a small green box with a ‘<‘ character appear in the top-left corner on the gamescreen.
Click here to open the EDITOR MENU.
ED – Editor mode on/off
BD – show boundary lines and codes (toggle)
CO – show mapcodes (toggle)
IN – Switch input mode
GR – Toggle gravity
LO – Load a level
SA – Save current level
EX – Exit to OS

Tap on ED to open the TILESET BAR on the bottom of the screen. You can switch what you want to see here with the IN menu item.

Draw the tile on the screen with the stylus. Double click will pick up the tile (On Win32/Linux right click also work) with all of its attributes or without it (depends from what you choosed with the IN menu item)

In Editor mode (tap on the ED) you neither can’t collect coins, get finished the level or get killed.

The SA will SAVE the actual state of the level, so if you collected some coins then these will missing from the saved level too.

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    July 16, 2010 at 3:15 pm

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