CubeHunt featured again on BB App World

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My game for PlayBook named CubeHunt got featured again on BlackBerry App World, this boosts the downloads a lot.



Flash Game with haXe

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I found this old draft and I thought: Time to publish. The new HaxeCodeBase is v1.4.

If somebody want to compile HaxeBaseCode-1.1.zip under FlashDevelop 3.0.0 or above (which include settings for haxe) then follow the above steps:

1. Download and install FlashDevelop and Haxe, Install them

2. Download HaxeBaseCode-1.1.zip and unzip to a directory named Scroll

3. Open the Scroll.hxproj under FlashDevelop

4. Edit the Res.xml and replace the line below:

<include file=”ScrollRes9.xml”>
<bitmap id=”Background” name=”Background” import=”.\gfx\Background.png”/>
<bitmap id=”Blocks” name=”Blocks” import=”.\gfx\Blocks.png”/>

(copied from the ScrollRes9.xml without the <movie>)

5. Under the Project->Properties->Build change the Pre-Build Command Line to

“$(ToolsDir)\swfmill\swfmill.exe” simple Res.xml Res.swf

6. Press F5 to compile

To make animated tiles work change the following line in Layer.hx line 681:

curTile = ts.GetSequenceFrame (curSeq);
curTile = ts.getAnimationFrame (curSeq, timeCounter);

However GetSequenceFrame is a useless function, as it returns the n. frame from the n. sequence.


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I’ve made some prototypes in flash. There are some random link with images:

Some prototypes in C++,  only screenshots:

wonderfl build flash online

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The wonderfl build flash online contains an online AS3 editor and a compiler with a lot of library already installed like Sandy 3D, Papervision, Box2D, QuickBox2D, Google Maps API for Flash and so on. As you type in, the compiler recompile the code and displays the flash content if compile was success.