Month: September 2011

Dead Space–for Xperia Play and PlayBook

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EA ported his game Dead Space to Xperia Play and PlayBook. On BlackBerry App World it’s available for $9.99. To Download it to Xperia, go to EA’s Flexion Android Store.

DeadSpace on PlayBook. Video by

Legendary Quest of Sandor Rozsa & Puli Games on Indie DB

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Yesterday we registered our group and our game to Indie DB. Have a nice day!


Pacaman – an SFML game

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Pacaman is a well commented, single/multiplayer tutorial game for SFML by easy82.

Pacaman features procedurally generated mazes, cute graphics in several themes, four different enemy behaviour and multiple game types.

Pacaman has an indieDB page. No download available at the moment.


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The android-cpp-sdk is a a C++ wrapper for android’s java SDK. The purpose of android-cpp-sdk is to ease native/NDK development on android platform, by providing a corresponding c++ class for almost every java class from android-sdk.

android-cpp-sdk is designed as header-only library and consists of folowing 2 parts:

  • j2cpp: support library that eases the using of JNI;
  • android platform header files: automatically generated files from corresponding android sdk .jar file;

Each android sdk class and its nested classes are implemented in one header file and is automatically generated by java2cpp tool.

The Legendary Quest of Sandor Rozsa – on iPod Touch, iPhone 4 and Android

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There are some photos how the Legendary Quest of Sandor Rozsa – X-Mas special works on iPod Touch, iPhone 4 and Android.

For comparison, here is the windows version:

iPod Touch:

iPhone 4:

And there is a video showing how the game runs on iPhone 4

Ray of lights

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I’ve just completed a nice prototype about ray of lights.

You can download from here with source.

I’ve also compiled it to my Galaxy S and the performance is superb, just keep low the iterations.