A group of heroes sneaked into the lair of the fearful dragon, Draco, to steal some of his golds. They challenge each other: the one who collects 10 gold pieces in the first place is the True Legendary Hero.
But beware! The dungeon is full of dangerous places and magic traps. If one of the heroes wakes the dragon he will begin to ruthlessly pursue the intruders.

Me and two of my friends from Crytek Hungary formed a group to release a board game for the glBasic‘s Board Game Programming Competition.

I was the programmer, Coyote was the graphician and Vincenzo was the musician of the project. We choosed Drakon from Jolly Games to remade in glBasic and we won the first place.

You can download all the competition’s submissions form here or a more recent version of Draco from here (Draco v1.3).

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