Flash Game with haXe

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I found this old draft and I thought: Time to publish. The new HaxeCodeBase is v1.4.

If somebody want to compile HaxeBaseCode-1.1.zip under FlashDevelop 3.0.0 or above (which include settings for haxe) then follow the above steps:

1. Download and install FlashDevelop and Haxe, Install them

2. Download HaxeBaseCode-1.1.zip and unzip to a directory named Scroll

3. Open the Scroll.hxproj under FlashDevelop

4. Edit the Res.xml and replace the line below:

<include file=”ScrollRes9.xml”>
<bitmap id=”Background” name=”Background” import=”.\gfx\Background.png”/>
<bitmap id=”Blocks” name=”Blocks” import=”.\gfx\Blocks.png”/>

(copied from the ScrollRes9.xml without the <movie>)

5. Under the Project->Properties->Build change the Pre-Build Command Line to

“$(ToolsDir)\swfmill\swfmill.exe” simple Res.xml Res.swf

6. Press F5 to compile

To make animated tiles work change the following line in Layer.hx line 681:

curTile = ts.GetSequenceFrame (curSeq);
curTile = ts.getAnimationFrame (curSeq, timeCounter);

However GetSequenceFrame is a useless function, as it returns the n. frame from the n. sequence.


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I’ve made some prototypes in flash. There are some random link with images:

Some prototypes in C++,  only screenshots: