Month: May 2011

Fix your Skype

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Delete the following file:


if it says that you already logged in, then delete all the *.lck, *.lock and temp* files.

Or if you are a noob, press WINDOWS key and R then type cmd and copy&paste it and press ENTER

del %AppData%\Skype\shared.xml

To open the folder press WINDOWS key and R then copy&paste this and press ENTER:


Make Skype working again

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So Skype 5 isn’t working. What can we do?
Download older version from here.
Use the web version. Go to
Or just forget Skype and play some games.
Skype logo

Skype on Android fail

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The official Skype for Android not working too. This is part of the global Skype problem since Thursday, May 26th, 2011 11:55 GMT

UPDATE: Working again.


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So Microsoft took Skype and now Skype not working anymore.

But only Skype 5. You can still use Skype below v4.2

Download from here:

SharePoint tippek-trükkök

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SharePoint tippek-trükkök. Megoldások problémákra: