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Xmas was my first game what I finished. Originally I wrote it in Turbo Pascal, and it used 80×25 text screen mode with ASCII characters, it was controlable with the cursor keys. Then the Xmas II used 320×200 256 color screen mode, nice graphics, sound, and it was usable with mouse. Later I ported it to mobile phone, using MidletPascal. And recently I ported to Pocket PC (WinCE) using OpenGL ES, compiling with pgcc, what allowed me to write and compile the source on my PocketPC directly without any desktop computer needed.

Pusztulat was my second program in Java ME for mobile phones (first was Gluglu). It’s still in WIP state. Pusztulat is a Overworld Zero clone which is an Ultima Underworld parody found as a minigame in the game System Shock II.

I’ve just started Monolings which is a game for a competition. I uploaded a concept art.

Some files uploaded

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I uploaded some of my projects: Gluglu and Easter Quest.