Lenyűgöző 2D engine

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Ez egészen jó cucc XNA-ban. Normál- és heightmappes textúrákkal dolgozik, a heightmap-et visszaírja a depthbufferbe és az élthű realtime bevilágításokon kívül egész meghökkentő áthatásokat képes produkálni. A videónak van egy második része, ami csak az időjárásról szól (hó/eső/vihar, nappal/éjszaka, tiszta idő/felhős)

CubeHunt featured again on BB App World

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My game for PlayBook named CubeHunt got featured again on BlackBerry App World, this boosts the downloads a lot.



Using AIR and Java together

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Not an easy one. Here is an old video about exporting a Java code to AIR at Adobe TV.

And here is Merapi Project which is a middleman who help communicate beetwen yoir AIR and Java app. (found here).

Here is the same thing for Android.

An old tutorial about using this method.

But the best practise is to use the official way: Runtime API integration for desktip, iOS and Android.

Dead Space–for Xperia Play and PlayBook

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EA ported his game Dead Space to Xperia Play and PlayBook. On BlackBerry App World it’s available for $9.99. To Download it to Xperia, go to EA’s Flexion Android Store.

DeadSpace on PlayBook. Video by CrackBerry.com

Legendary Quest of Sandor Rozsa & Puli Games on Indie DB

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Yesterday we registered our group and our game to Indie DB. Have a nice day!


Pacaman – an SFML game

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Pacaman is a well commented, single/multiplayer tutorial game for SFML by easy82.

Pacaman features procedurally generated mazes, cute graphics in several themes, four different enemy behaviour and multiple game types.

Pacaman has an indieDB page. No download available at the moment.